VYV Jersey City


Location: 474 Warren Street

Jersey City, NJ

Website: www.vyvapts.com


VYV is the first apartment building in an 18 acre master planned development two blocks from the Hudson riverfront. The inaugural tower offers views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and Jersey City’s Embankment Park. The building consists of a 36-story residential tower topping out at 380 feet. The project consists of 421 residential units, 10,200 sf of retail, and 287 parking spaces in a precast parking garage. In addition, Hudson Exchange also brings about new street improvements, including a public plaza with more than 10,000 sf of open space.

The ground-level entry plaza and level-eight amenity deck are two adjacent green spaces linked by a cascading vertical and horizontal “ribbon” element. This wall to roof transition forms both the residential building main lobby and the parking garage vertical transportation lobbies, visually connecting the street-level circulation zone of the Jersey City community with the residential amenity-level recreation area above. The north and east facades are a dark grey brick field which honors the masonry tradition of the local vernacular exploring a sophisticated relationship between this tower and its context. An interplay between historic and modern building elements emerges with the atmospheric tower which rest between the masonry faces and reflects the integrated urban fabric of Jersey City.

The site is adjacent to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail with connection to PATH trains to midtown Manhattan and New Jersey Transit commuter train service. In tandem with other sustainable architectural features, a substantial portion of the 24,000 gsf deck space above the parking garage will be a green/living roof.